Projected Images

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Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competition Rules

  1. The Open Projected Image competitions will each have five rounds. Within each competition up to 10 images can be spread over the five rounds with no more than two images per member per round unless otherwise agreed with the Competition Secretary.
  2. Images must be in .jpg format (maximum quality) and have a maximum width of 1400 pixels and a maximum height of 1050 pixels, including any border that may have been added to the image.
  3. Entries should be submitted electronically and must, unless otherwise stated, reach the competition organiser no later than 12.00 midnight on the Wednesday before the competition date. Alternatively, entries may be submitted manually on CDs or memory sticks by arrangement with the competition organiser who will normally require the same deadline to be met. Please see Preparing PDI Images for more information on resizing, adding a border, saving and submitting PDI entries.