Vanda Ralevska – A review

This week CPC played host to Photographer Vanda Ralevska for the first time following a very well received presentation she had given at the Royal Photographic Society last year, many good things had been heard of this lady since then and it is fair to say that she did not disappoint.

We learnt about her journey from her humble beginnings in a mining town in the Czech Republic through to her first trip to the UK, her eventual settling here in England, the struggle and failure to make it as a professional photographer and the peace that she finally found in realising that it’s not the goal that’s important but the journey that takes you there.  Through her natural, warm and engaging presentation her passion for photography was infectious and it is clear to see why the images she produces are so good.

Vanda is also a member of the Arena Photographers.

To see examples of Vanda’s work visit her website or the Arena Photographers site: