Peter Greenway ‘The Challenges of Photographing on behalf of the National Trust – A review

On Tuesday 4th December we welcomed Peter Greenway to CPC for the first time with his talk ‘The Challenges of Photographing on behalf of the National Trust’.

It proved an entertaining and enlightening talk which to Peter’s own admission was meant to be tongue in cheek and it was certainly that.  In the modern PC age where health & safety and Privacy laws now abound the National Trust is far from being exempt, if anything they have to potentially do more to protect themselves from harm with rules, regulations, disclaimers, release forms and a list of do’s and don’t which have to be abided by along with an extensive brief on the assignment in hand it’s a wonder any images are taken at all let alone accepted by the Trust for inclusion in promotional material both written and electronic.

However, despite the huge and obvious challenges it is clear why Peter dedicates his spare time to this activity which he does solely on a voluntary basis, and in his own words it the “Opportunity to give something back to an organisation that has given me so much” having been first introduced  to the Trust as a child when taken to properties by his parents his love of the historical and the quirky has intensified over the last 35 years that he has been a member.

It was most certainly an illuminative evening and I for one shall never look at the National Trust handbook or pamphlets in quite the same way again now that I know how much work and effort goes into producing them.