Colin Harrison ‘New Digital Adventure’ – a review

We had an interesting and informative evening with Colin Harrison who
gave us a mixture of his image portfolio that had accumulated over many
years. Starting with classic camera club style images, Colin moved into
composite images, (‘altered reality’), and then into adding textures,
and spatter to achieve grunge effects. Often starting with images taken
at events, elements of his images were then heavily modified to produce
‘creative’ images. Colin explained that his images do not often fare
well in club competitions, but are appreciated much more at
international level and account for the numerous award and distinction
letters attached to his name. To Colin, this gave him much more pleasure
than entering club competitions where he was very critical of judges.
The CACC came in for particular criticism, but were gallantly defended
by Chris Sargent.

In order to make your own mind up visit Colin’s website at:

Below are some links to items/events mentioned in his talk:

Another photographer Tracey Willis recently gave a talk to the RPS on a similar subject, these images are less ‘challenging’ than many of Colin’s, and worth a look as a comparison.