Cliff Hide review


Last night we were treated to a talk by Cliff Hide entitled ‘Stories behind the Pictures’.  He talked about his 8-year career as a Photojournalist and how it started with hearing a report about the 7/7 bombings in London and rather than staying at home and listening to the reports on the radio and TV like everyone else he grabbed his camera, got on a train to London and documented it.

In those 8 years he has covered some macabre scenes for various news outlets such as the Metro, the Sun, the Times and Oxford Mail which have included murders, bomb scares, suicide attempts (and successes), he was also involved in the lockdown subsequent to the London Bridge attacks and in the thick of it during protests and riots as well as playing host Photographer at Royal events, getting up close and personal at zoo’s and book signings and he shared with us some of his favourite images which literally came about from bumping into people on the street.

It was enlightening to learn what it is like being on the ground when it happens and being ‘in the moment’ compared to what we as the general public are fed by the media and security services.

Cliff’s talk was delivered with passion, knowledge, humour and occasionally personal opinion and I hope that he will make a return to CPC very soon.