Friendly 3-way PDI battle with Tring & Hemel Hempstead Camera Clubs

On Thursday 25th October the much awaited 3-way PDI battle had finally arrived. Having been postponed from earlier in the season, a six strong Chesham team armed with 36 of their best and quirky images descended upon Tring ready to do battle.
A warm welcome was received from the Tring members along with a very good turnout from their members and Hemel Hempstead supporters.
Each team took it in turns to show their image first and the other two teams then had 60 seconds to match it, in the meantime judge Steven Galvin critiqued the original image and marked it out of 5,  the other two clubs were then marked for the photographic merit of their images and the closeness of the match.  At times his task was challenging especially towards the end but he did a brilliant job and all with good humour. Helping and heckling the judge were also encouraged to up the points score!
The final sores were Tring – 124 points, Chesham – 115 and Hemel Hempstead – 111.
All in all the event was deemed to be a lot of fun and definitely worth doing again.