Cornwall Adventures

Cornwall Adventures 

After a ten year hiatus my Husband and I decided to return to our favourite little bit of North Cornwall, known to many as Port Wenn the home of grumpy Doc Martin but to others simply Port Isaac, a sleepy little fishing village where the catch of the day can be purchased after 9.30 am from the local fisherman, the only things to do are to buy souvenirs from the local shops, while away many hours in the village pub and the now plentiful good restaurants, the latest addition of which is ‘celebrity chef’ Nathan Outlaw.

Within hours of our arrival on returning from a wander around the village to see what if anything had changed in the last 10 years a famous face (Daniel Mays, Line of Duty, Dad’s Army, Mrs Biggs)  walked past our holiday let and up around the corner, feeling quite excited by the prospect of having a well-known actor sharing our sleepy little holiday destination we went in and readied ourselves for dinner at the local pub – literally 10 paces from our front door.

On completing our meal at the Golden Lion or to Doc Martin fans the Crab & Lobster the pub door opens and another famous face enters (none other than one of my favourites David Hayman, Taboo, The Paradise, Trial & Retribution) – sensing something is now afoot and the highly unlikely event that two high calibre tv actors are in the same small village at the same time seemed beyond coincidence and so the questioning of the bar staff who came to clear our plates began.  We had of course assumed that another series of Doc Martin was about to commence but we were told that they were in fact making a feature film about the Fisherman’s Friends, local boys made good when they signed a record contract in 2010 and were first spotted singing their sea shanties down on the Platt in the village (where Hubby and I saw them in 2008) and on selected dates during the summer months they still do – if you get the chance to see them you really should.

Later that evening another favourite of mine arrived – James Purefoy (Rome, Episodes, Altered Carbon), so landing in the middle of a film set really made my holiday even if they did close the pub for 3 days to film but it was worth it for the many photo opportunities it presented and to see how life really is on a film set, whilst loitering with my camera one day we got talking to one of the production crew who asked where we were from – it turns out one of the production runners lived in Chesham!

When I was not stalking my favourite actors, we revisited some places which we had not had the opportunity to in 2008 and traversed our way through the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Mevagissey and re-paid a visit to the Eden Project too which is always a good day out.

The day before we returned home the film crew were down at the Platt filming some of the last scenes which involved a stunt which they had been setting up all day, as you can imagine it drew crowds of tourists who looked on and wondered what on earth was going on.  The final scenes were being shot by drone (exceedingly noisy bits of kit) and everyone was asked to clear the area unless they didn’t mind being potentially in the final cut and so when the film comes out possibly in December – look towards the back of the crowd you may just see someone familiar.